99 Agney Avenue, Terryville, Connecticut, USA 06786

Model Number:                 

  • 1000-4512-FP30

 Maximum Temperature:   

  • 2000o C without optional alumina tube / 1800o C with optional alumina tube

Element Size:                      

  • Approximately 4.5” diameter x 22” long (11.43cm x 55.88 cm)

Uniform Hot Zone:            

  • Approximately 4” diameter x 12” long (10.16cm x 30.48cm)

Power Requirements:       

  • 30 KVA, 208 or 220 volts, 3 phase, 60 hertz


  • Rough vacuum or atmosphere operation


  • This is a totally enclosed, packaged, and assembled unit that is shipped as one piece (except for mechanical vacuum pump, which is detached from the unit in shipping), requiring only the water, gas, and power to be connected to the appropriate locations.
  • This furnace can operate with or without the optional alumina tube.
  • Manual valve operation with automatic temperature ramps and soaks.
  • Yokogawa UP550 digital programmable temperature controller with 30 program patterns and 300 segments.
  • Graphite hot zone and graphite heating element.
  • Eurotherm 460 Thyristor SCR pack.
  • Leybold D30 mechanical vacuum pump for rough vacuum operation.
  • Includes the necessary motor starters, push-buttons, lights, and switches for vacuum operation.
  • Digital high limit temperature controller.
  • Dual Type “C” thermocouple.
  • Digital vacuum gauge with a range of 1 milliTorr to atmosphere.
  • Vacuum roughing line.
  • Manual vacuum roughing valve.
  • Built-in manual gas control.
  • We provide written operating procedures and manuals for all instrumentation and controls on the furnace.
  • This unit is leak-tested with a helium mass spectrometer, with no detectable leak in the 10-9.
  • Price includes one day of test fire and training at our plant in Terryville, Connecticut, USA.


  • Alumina tube, approximately 3 ½” ID x 23-9/32” long (8.89cm x 60cm). Can be used up to 1800o Offers the flexibility of being able to use multiple gases inside the tube. Effectively separates the work inside the tube from the graphite elements and insulation pack, which require vacuum, nitrogen, argon, or helium.
  • Yokogawa Light Loader to facilitate uploading and downloading programs, configuration files, and auto-tuning parameters. This device clips on the face of the Yokogawa UP750 instrument and plugs into a USB port on a PC-based laptop or desktop computer, greatly facilitating and simplifying instrument configuration, program storage, and auto-tuning. Can be used for writing programs and storing detailed configuration data.
  • We can supply all necessary spare parts for this furnace.
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