99 Agney Avenue, Terryville, Connecticut, USA 06786
  • The Furnace Source can provide low-cost prototype and production furnaces for additive manufacturing (3D printing). If you’re using binder jetting, powder-based liquid inks, or metallic inks in your 3D printing process, we can supply a sintering furnace to process your parts.
  • Our furnaces can be used for infiltration of stainless steel, bronze, tungsten, titanium, copper, and other materials. They are also suitable for ceramic sintering.
  • We can provide small prototype development furnaces, as well as larger production size furnaces – horizontal or top-loading units.
  • We can supply furnaces with hydrogen atmospheres and/or debinding capabilities, as well as furnaces with rough vacuum, high vacuum, or inert atmosphere operation.
  • Have you invented a new way to do 3D printing? Do you need a company to provide equipment to sinter your parts? Give us a call and we will partner with you.
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