99 Agney Avenue, Terryville, Connecticut, USA 06786
  • We are now offering vacuum hot press and high temperature vacuum furnace toll services in the 50-ton and 150-ton vacuum hot presses at our facility (445-kilonewton and 1334-kilonewton). This can be useful for Research & Development. We will work with you closely to help develop your products and processes. Our hot press furnaces can operate in high vacuum, rough vacuum, partial pressure, or atmosphere with inert gases (nitrogen or argon). They operate at standard temperatures up to 2000o C (3632o F). We offer optional high-temperature runs up to 2200o C (3992o F). The maximum hot zone size is 22” wide x 22” deep x 16” high (56cm x 56cm x 41cm). Please call us to discuss your particular application.
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