99 Agney Avenue, Terryville, Connecticut, USA 06786

Maximum Temperature:

  • 1650o C (3002o F)

Hot Zone Dimensions:             

  • 9” diameter x 12” high element-to-element (23cm x 30cm)

External Dimensions:              

  • Approximately 72” high x 92” wide x 29” deep (183cm x 234cm x 74cm)

Power Requirements:              

  • 480 volts


  • High vacuum operation
  • Inert gas backfill to aid cooling


  • Standard one-year warranty.
  • This entire unit is a totally enclosed, packaged, and assembled unit that is shipped as one piece, requiring only the water in and out, backfill gas, and power to be connected to the appropriate locations.
  • Molybdenum hot zone
  • Molybdenum heating elements 360o around the work for optimum temperature uniformity
  • Yokogawa UP550 digital programmable temperature controller with 300 segments and 30 programs
  • Manual valve operation with automatic ramps and soaks
  • 6” Varian high-speed diffusion pump
  • Mechanical vacuum pump
  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • We provide written operating procedures, complete detailed electrical schematics, and manuals for all instrumentation and controls on the furnace.
  • This unit is leak-tested with a helium mass spectrometer, with no detectable leak in the 10-9
  • Includes one day of test fire and training at our plant in Terryville, Connecticut, USA.
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